• Goran Bregovic will play in the Kremlin songs from the new album

  • Goran Bregovic has promised to play new songs on the "Balkan concert" at the State Kremlin Palace on Saturday, 5 November, reports RIA Novosti. The album is called "Three letters from Sarajevo" will be released in February.

    Bregović will perform with his band Wedding and Funeral Band. The show also will be attended by Serbian film Director Emir Kusturica with the band The No Smoking Orchestra.

    "I hope that I, and Kusturica is good fun at the concert. I guarantee that there will be a lot of fun. My orchestra will play some of the old all known stuff and the songs from the new album," said the composer.

    4 November — national unity Day — Russian President Vladimir Putin presented Kusturica with the order of Friendship.

    Goran Bregovic was born in Sarajevo, now lives in Paris. The composer was famous because of the music he composed for the films of Emir Kusturica, including the films "Arizona dream" and "Underground".


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