• Google introduced a new version of Android

  • Google has introduced a new version of Android O the annual conference Google I/O 2017. A live webcast of the event was available on the official YouTube-channel.

    The developers have once again focused on the optimization of the system and increase autonomy. The system acquired new restrictions for apps running in the background, which helps to optimize the performance of the device. Applications in the background is now impossible to intensively consume the Internet traffic and data from the GPS. Also in the app store there will be a system of protection from malware based on machine learning.

    In the system there are special badges for icons that show notifications from this app. Hold down the app icon you can immediately read the notice. Like the badges in iOS and there are some launchers for Android. The icons themselves become adaptive and automatically adjust the overall appearance of the system.

    Innovations appeared in the system multitasking. Now some applications have the opportunity to run in a mode "picture in picture". Therefore, the video player can be run a separate mini-window to the top of the screen is the window to pan and zoom. Processing was subjected to the Settings app, notifications, status bar and many other elements of the system.

    Beta firmware available on the website Google and it can be installed on Nexus 5X/6P, Pixel and Pixel XL and Nexus Player and Pixel P. the release date of the final version of the OS are not reported.


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