• Racers "Formulas-1" sew designer clothes

  • Brand Daniel Hechter has signed an agreement with the Renault team. Riders participating in the "Formula 1", sew the clothing. On Wednesday, may 17, according to ProFashion.

    The brand gives athletes the clothes in which they will travel to the stages of the world Cup. Logoteam fashion brand will be placed on the back of a car. The cooperation is planned for three years.

    "In Formula 1, much depends on the image and perception of your brand, so working with Daniel Hechter will allow you to fully demonstrate our unique elegant style", — said General Director of Renault Sport's Cyril abiteboul.

    Daniel Hechter founded by French designer Daniel Esterom in 1962. The brand sells clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. Brand products in 65 countries.


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