• A hungry thief has become famous thanks to the left on the crime scene note

  • User Reddit under the name bangmanator placed the note that he left in his car the thief who stole her chocolate bar Kit Kat.

    The man forgot to lock the car, and he stayed all night open. In the morning the owner of the car discovered the theft of a candy bar and a note from the thief.

    "Saw your Cup holder Kit Kat. I love Kit Kat, I checked your door, and it was not locked. I am not taking anything except the Kit Kat. I'm sorry, but I was hungry," explained the thief.

    Photo appeared on Reddit on October 31. One day the picture got more than half a million hits, users were left under him 300 comments.

    In January, another Reddit user told about how using polite notes solved the problem of the constant theft of his car. In addressing potential hijackers, he was asked to return the vehicle after use.

    "Use my car, take my first aid kit and Essentials from the trunk (my stereo has no value anyway) and leave the damn car in front of someone's house when you no longer need," — said in a note.


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