• Global warming has forced frogs and toads to become vegetarians

  • A group of Portuguese and Swedish scientists found that increasing temperature helps to change the diet of amphibians — they begin to eat more plant foods. The study is published in the journal Ecology.

    In their work the experts observed three groups of tadpoles of different species. One of them could eat only vegetable food, second only to the animal, and the third was on a mixed diet.

    Scientists noticed that when the temperature of the water the tadpoles from the third group preferred vegetable foods and have stopped eating animal. The researchers also drew attention to the fact that with the transition to a vegetarian diet at higher temperatures in amphibians increased survival and accelerated the development of.

    "This property may be common to many species that inhabit the aquatic environment. If our suspicions are confirmed, when the temperature of the water and their habitat may be subject to strong changes," concluded co-author with Herman Orizaola (Germán Orizaola).

    Previously, scientists found, that frog embryos, while in eggs, is able to escape from predators. At the approach of the predator, embryos begin to rush, as if trying to break through the wall of the egg. In addition, the embryos allowed a mixture of enzymes which can destroy the membrane.


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