• The main competitor of the Mask has experienced a huge humanoid robot

  • The founder of Amazon and the aerospace company Blue Origin is competing with SpaceX's Elon musk in the production of reusable rockets, Jeff Bezos became a four-meter robot test Method-2. Testing the machine, he was able during the conference in the field of robotics, machine learning and space exploration, MARS, writes The Verge.

    Bezos could only manage the hands of the machine using two joysticks. While in the cockpit, Bezos said: "Why do I feel just like Sigourney weaver?", that is a reference to the movie "Aliens". In the final picture the main character, whose role played weaver, fought with the uterus others in the exoskeleton.

    The robot of the South Korean company Hankook Mirae was provided in December of 2016. The height of Method-2 is four meters, and weighs about a ton and a half. It engaged in design, 3D artist Vitaly Bulgars who created the model for the movie "Ghost in the shell", "transformers 4" and "Terminator: Genesis". At the moment it is unknown at what stage of development is a machine. The video shows the movement of the robot's arm, and previously was shown walking. Thus the robot is always attached to the cables.


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    • 7:06 am on Tuesday 28th March 2017  /  Наука и техника
      In the Solar system found electric moon

      American scientists have shown that the triboelectric effect (the appearance of electric charges in the material due to friction) responsible for the anomalous orientation of large dunes of Titan (the largest moon of Saturn). A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

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      Elon Max decided to create a technology to connect the brain with computers

      The founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk created a company Neuralink, which will develop methods to read data from the human brain and record them to the media. According to The Wall Street Journal, talking about the technology of "neural lace", which involves the implantation of electrodes into the brain.

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      The Sun found signs of the planet

      American astrophysicists has discovered in the Sun, waves, Rossby, previously observed only on Earth. For this, the authors used data from the spacecraft SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) and STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory). A study published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

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      Trump proposed to investigate Clinton ties with Russia

      The President of the United States Donald trump proposed to the house Committee on intelligence to investigate relations with Russia former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and a number of representatives of the democratic party. We are talking about "the deal, which allowed a considerable proportion of uranium go to Russia", as well as the reset of relations between Moscow and Washington.

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      The network has sympathized sad the bulldog is a birthday without guests

      A Twitter user with the nickname @NasMaraj published a picture of a sad bulldog and told the story about how none of the neighborhood dogs came to the party in honor of his birthday. The gained viral popularity, but later the owner of the account said that he invented the holiday, and the dog.

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      Four employees of the Ministry of transport of Kyrgyzstan was killed in the avalanches

      Avalanche has covered three cars on the 255-kilometer strategic highway Bishkek-Osh in Kyrgyzstan. In one of them were four employees of the Ministry of transport and roads of the Republic they died on the spot. Six others rescuers managed to extract from under the rubble alive.

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