• The main competitor of the Mask has experienced a huge humanoid robot

  • The founder of Amazon and the aerospace company Blue Origin is competing with SpaceX's Elon musk in the production of reusable rockets, Jeff Bezos became a four-meter robot test Method-2. Testing the machine, he was able during the conference in the field of robotics, machine learning and space exploration, MARS, writes The Verge.

    Bezos could only manage the hands of the machine using two joysticks. While in the cockpit, Bezos said: "Why do I feel just like Sigourney weaver?", that is a reference to the movie "Aliens". In the final picture the main character, whose role played weaver, fought with the uterus others in the exoskeleton.

    The robot of the South Korean company Hankook Mirae was provided in December of 2016. The height of Method-2 is four meters, and weighs about a ton and a half. It engaged in design, 3D artist Vitaly Bulgars who created the model for the movie "Ghost in the shell", "transformers 4" and "Terminator: Genesis". At the moment it is unknown at what stage of development is a machine. The video shows the movement of the robot's arm, and previously was shown walking. Thus the robot is always attached to the cables.


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