• VEB's Chairman told about the types of cyborgs and supermen

  • It is likely that in the next few years everyone will be familiar cyborg. As reported the correspondent of".ru", the Head of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov during the lecture "the Possibility of a breakthrough for the Russian economy" at the Higher school of Economics. He also did not rule out appearing in future "Superman".

    According to him, there is a clear separation of cyborgs — those who can and people who can be added "part of gear, which we lack". "Our brain has enough computing memory which have computers," said Gorkov.

    The head of VEB said that the computers in their development, are making great progress and could in the future to subjugate people.

    "Can a machine be aware of itself? If they realize we are going to animal beings, because we will then be in submission... it is obvious that the computer is making great progress," he said.

    At the end of February Gorkov said, that Russia has a chance to make a technological breakthrough and overtake the developed countries that are now leaders in economic development. The head of VEB said that Russia has two clear advantages: cheap energy and a skilled IT staff.


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