• The head of Sevastopol has submitted to the legislative Assembly of the city development Strategy until 2030

  • Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov introduced in the legislative Assembly of the Strategy for socio-economic development of the city until 2030. On Tuesday, April 18, reported to have come to the editorial office a press release of the city administration.

    As emphasized in the government of Sevastopol, during the drafting of the document, in which participated the public of the city, was formed the mission of the city: "Sevastopol is geostrategic, cultural, historical, humanitarian and tourist center of Russia on the Black sea". However, it provides for the formation of such urban environment, a comfortable place to live, learn, work, create and relax.

    Presenting the Strategy, Ovsyannikov determined the challenges faced by the city authorities. "This can be achieved through the implementation potential of the city in the historical industries: shipbuilding and repair, instrumentation,
    tourism, wine, fishing. Sebastopol needs to take the leading position among Russian regions in terms of growth of main economic indicators", — he said.

    The MoE also expressed the view that "Sevastopol throughout the history of the city knew how to fight and win." "It clearly saw the world in 2014. Now came a new period of struggle" — he has addressed with an appeal to those present at the meeting of the legislative Assembly.

    The presentation of the Strategy took place in the framework of the public report of the acting Governor about the results of activities of the government of Sevastopol for the year 2016. In late March the document discussed with the deputies of the regional Parliament. Then Vice-Governor Ilya Ponomarev stressed that in its preparation were taken into account all the suggestions received in the course of six expert sessions.

    The aim of the development Strategy of the city is the creation of effective economy, the development of Sevastopol as a business center, tourism center, the formation of a comfortable urban environment.


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