• The head of the Russian state library has denied the merger with NLR

  • The acting Director of the Russian state library (RSL) Vladimir Gnezdilov has denied reports of merging companies with the Russian national library (RNB). He declared to the correspondent "Tapes.ru" on Monday, February 6.

    According to Gnezdilova, he and the head of the Russian national library Alexander Visly sent a letter to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. The Director of the RSL said that they were not asked to merge the companies and told about the benefits, "which can be obtained by combining the efforts and coordination of actions" libraries. "On the forms of this Association we did not say," he added.

    Gnezdilov noted that the cooperation of the NLR and RSL: the elimination of duplication, the creation of a unified electronic library.

    The statement of the President of the St. Petersburg library society, Zoe Calloway that in the case of an Association of libraries without work can remain about 400 people, the Director of the RSL stated that he does not understand, how was made such a calculation.

    At the end of January the President of the St. Petersburg society of library Zoya Chalova has criticized the possible merger of NLR and RSL was reported by "Fontanka". She stated that the proposal Gnezdilova and Vislova about merging libraries "committed tactless act".

    Russian state library (formerly the USSR State library named after V. I. Lenin) is the largest public library in Russia and continental Europe and one of the largest libraries in the world. It is located in Moscow.

    Russian national library (former State public library) is located in Saint Petersburg. It is the second largest in the country.


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