• The head of Crimean Parliament proposed to dismiss for the winter of the Directors of houses of culture

  • Chairman of the state Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov proposed to dismiss the Directors of houses of culture for the winter for the sake of economy of budgetary funds. With this idea, he spoke at a meeting of the Presidium, reports the edition "New day" on Wednesday, November 2.

    The need for such innovations Konstantinov connects with the fact that at this time of year the house of culture are not heated. "In clubs nobody goes in the winter is a dead building, — said Konstantinov. — I understand if closed all of the summer Director at the club. Appointed in the summer, pay salaries, and laid off all winter. But we don't so it's all happening".

    In his opinion, such an expenditure of budgetary funds inefficiently. "So, we have one arm spend budget money, containing the whole team, on the other — a full functioning it is not, and is something to think about," — concluded Konstantinov.

    However, the speaker of Parliament said that he refused from his salary and will work on a voluntary basis. The head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov has already agreed on this order.

    In early October the leadership of the Republican clinical hospital named after Semashko in Simferopol fired because of the high salaries. During check it was established that the salary of the representatives of the administration of the hospitals ranged from 300 to 800 thousand rubles per month. For eight months, five employees, not counting the physician received 12 million rubles. Against the former chief doctor of the hospital filed criminal case.


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