• "Gazprom Khimvolokno" thinking about the supply tehtkaney in Europe

  • Volgograd company "Gazprom Khimvolokno", part of "Gazprom Stroytek Salavat", is in talks with European manufacturers of conveyor belts for the supply of technical fabrics. This was announced by the representative of the company Dmitry Frolov at the III all-Russian forum of light industry, reports "Rustekstil".

    "We began to consider entering the European market. Negotiate with companies for the supply of materials, the contract is, I believe that everything will work out. This market is very interesting, broad, rapidly changing. We focused on Poland," he said.
    Dmitry Frolov also noted that the negotiation process with the manufacturers of conveyor for extractive industries, primarily coal, entered its active phase in 2016.

    As for raw materials production of industrial fabrics companies, according to Dmitry Frolov, the granulate is imported mainly from China, specialized impregnating purchased in Russia and Europe.

    He also reminded that in 2013 the company "Gazprom Khimvolokno" is a modernization of production capacities. "It created a brand new production, new products. We produce tire cord, technical yarns and fabrics. Most importantly, in the process of modernization, we acquired a competitive advantage — began to produce polyester industrial yarn, which use in our production," he said.


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