• FSB eliminated izgotavlivaem bombs foreigner in Kovrov

  • FSB eliminated the native of one of the countries of Central Asia, which was engaged in the manufacture of explosives and explosive devices. About it TASS announced on Monday, June 19, in the Department.

    Investigative work took place on 19 June in Kovrov at the place of actual residence of the suspect. He started shooting from a Makarov pistol, as a result of retaliatory fire was injured, incompatible with life, according to a press release from the FSB.

    The Ministry added that the victims among the civilian population and members of the security forces there.

    19 APR FSB reported on the elimination in the Vladimir region two alleged terrorists. They were killed while trying to arrest. According to intelligence, these natives of Central Asia were connected with recruiters from international organizations. They had found the machine gun and components for making bombs. As stated in the FSB, they expressed willingness to commit terrorist acts on the territory of Russia.


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