• The FSB added charges to the head of management of own safety of the TFR Maksimenko

  • FSB investigator has charged the head of management of own safety of Investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko charged with receiving a bribe of one million rubles for the initiation of proceedings against the staff of criminal investigation Department of St. Petersburg. On Wednesday, may 17, announced RIA Novosti two sources familiar with the situation.

    According to him, the investigation questioned subordinates of the accused, which he sent to St. Petersburg with the test in the case of the theft of luxury watches Hublot businessman Badri Shengelia.

    On excitation of new criminal case against Maksimenko the Agency said three sources familiar with the investigation. According to them, the testimony against him gave Shengelia, who allegedly gave Maksimenko amount in dollars equivalent to one million rubles, a criminal case about the theft of the entrepreneur hours.

    Shengelia was a witness in several criminal cases against known crime boss from St. Petersburg Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) about raider capture of the building.

    The businessman refused to confirm the Agency with information on initiation of proceedings in relation to declared on his application.

    Lawyer Andrei Grivtsov said that he was not officially notified about the initiation of a new case against his client.

    Maksimenko was arrested 19 July 2016, along with his Deputy Alexander by Lamonova and the first Deputy head of the Main investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow by Denis Nikandrova. They are accused of taking bribes from the kingpin Zakhary Kalashov, known as Shakro Young, for the release from prison of crime boss Andrew Kochanova nicknamed Italian.


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