• The Friedman Foundation has invested in the Finnish developer of cloud technologies

  • The investment Fund LetterOne (L1) billionaire Mikhail Fridman invested in the company Qvantel is a Finnish developer of software for Telecom operators, reads in a press release on the website of the investment company.

    Attachments size Qvantel is not disclosed. But the company noted that total investments in promising startups that develop innovative business models in symbiosis with telecommunications companies, allowing the latter to increase audience reach and attract new users, will amount to 2-3 billion dollars.

    "Strategy L1 Technology is to find digital companies that will create new business models that allow Telecom companies to benefit from key competitive strengths — relationship with their customers," said managing partner L1 Technology Alexey Reznikovich.

    In August, L1 invested $ 50 million in U.S. Telecom startup FreedomPop. Company operating in USA, UK and Spain, provides service provider wireless Internet 4G. She currently serves 100 thousand users.

    Qvantel Group is a developer of cloud solutions for business support operators. The company operates in Sweden, India, Spain, Switzerland, in 2016, an office was opened in the United States. Headquarters Qvantel is located in Finland. This year, the company signed an agreement with Ericsson (40 percent of the world's traffic goes through the networks of this company), through which development Qvantel integrated into Ericsson products.


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