• Fillon urged to suspend presidential campaign

  • The candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon after the attack on the police in Paris have called to suspend the campaign for the presidential election, the first round of which is scheduled for Sunday, April 23. About it reports Reuters.

    He Fillon, he said, has canceled scheduled for Friday, April 21, election event in the Alpine region of the country.

    An attack on employees of law enforcement was done on Thursday evening, April 20. Next to a utility vehicle stopped the car, it out the man and fired shots. One of the policemen was killed on the spot, seriously injured two of his colleagues. The criminal was liquidated, according to some, he was an accomplice.

    The responsibility for what happened took yourself banned in Russia grouping "Islamic state". The terrorists said that the move made them "soldiers," Abu Yousif from Belgium. That the perpetrator came from that country, previously reported by police.


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