• The FBI released the documents about the investigation of bill Clinton

  • The FBI published on its the documents of the case 15 years ago for the detection of possible corruption in the process of pardon by President bill Clinton, businessman Mark rich.

    Clinton pardoned rich on 20 January 2001, when prior to the expiration of his presidential term was only a few hours.

    The founder of the company Glencore has been accused of tax evasion and the conclusion of illegal transactions with Iran during the hostage crisis 1979-1981.

    Critics pointed to the fact that the daughter of the rich has sacrificed the Democratic party more than $ 1 million, of which more than 100 thousand on the Senate campaign of former first lady Hillary Clinton and 450 thousand for the presidential library of bill Clinton.

    The case was investigated by Prosecutor and now FBI Director James Comey, who was the opponent of Clinton's decision to pardon Ritchie. In the absence of crime structure it was closed in 2005.

    The document contains 129 pages, but most of the content is unavailable for viewing.

    Earlier Komi announced that his office resume the investigation into the leak of official correspondence Hillary Clinton in her tenure as Secretary of state — now one of the leading candidates for the presidency.

    Clinton herself said that alarmed this message.


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