• The Europeans gathered the Ukrainians deny the access to the labour market

  • The Dutch government can offer colleagues in the European Union Declaration, which includes an interpretation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. It is reported by European online resource EurActiv.

    "The Declaration specifies that the Association Agreement with Ukraine is not a stepping stone to the country's accession to the EU and that Ukrainian citizens do not have access to the European labour market", — writes the edition. According to the resource, the document also should reflect the lack of plans for military Alliance with Kiev and its financial support. At the same time the Declaration is planned to focus on efforts to combat corruption in Ukraine.

    Wednesday, November 2, citing a diplomatic source appeared information about the fact that the Netherlands in exchange for the ratification of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine may require documenting the guarantees of the non-aligned Ukraine to the community.

    6 April in the Netherlands held a referendum on the question of approval of the Association of Ukraine with the EU. The majority of voters — 61 percent — opposed the agreement, supported him a little more than 38 percent. The next day the authorities reported, that the country will not be able to continue the process of ratification of the Association agreement, despite the fact that the vote was Advisory in nature.

    The Association agreement of Kiev with the EU, signed in June 2014, ratified by the parliaments of all member countries of the EU, including the Netherlands. In case of withdrawal of one of the signatures, the document will be considered invalid.


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