• European parliamentarians spoke about the absence in the Crimea, the signs of occupation

  • Visited the Crimea, the European deputies stated that it is not found in the Peninsula of signs of occupation. On Monday, March 20, according to kp.ru.

    According to the publication, during the visit parliamentarians walked around Yalta, visited the Livadia Palace, met with the Crimean colleagues and local community members.

    "We all want to experience the hard way what is happening in Crimea", — said the Deputy of the national Assembly [Parliament] of Serbia Milovan Boich. He noted that from personal experience know that such sanctions, because his country was a long time in such conditions. "I think it is better to be blind than those who are told to close your eyes," said BOC, adding that he is not afraid of any sanctions.

    European deputies reported that after a walk along the promenade of Yalta convinced that the opposition was not disappointed in his choice. "People feel occupied", — concluded the Chairman of the branch of the independence party of great Britain in Enfield and Haringe Nigel Sussman. He stressed that he did not see on the Peninsula any violations.

    Earlier on Monday it became known that the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) banned the entry of five European MPs, who on 19 March arrived in Crimea on a three-day visit. "It became clear that in Crimea, illegally detained four citizens of Serbia and one citizen of the Czech Republic. SBU took the decision to ban their entry to Ukraine for five years", — said the press-Secretary of the intelligence service Elena Gitlyanskaya.

    19 March it was reported about the arrival of the Peninsula foreign delegation composed of about 20 people. It was noted that they came to see what life is like Crimea three years after the reunification with Russia.

    Crimea became part of Russia in spring 2014 on the results of the referendum. Ukraine considers the Peninsula occupied territory, and encourages it to return. In Moscow insist that the accession of the region consistent with international law, and indicate that the question of supplies of Crimea is closed.


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