• "Energokontrakt" won in the category "protective equipment"

  • Group "energokontrakt", the largest Russian manufacturer of means of protection from thermal hazards, won in the category "Protective equipment" in the framework of the national forum of the light industry of Ministry of industry and trade. This is stated in a press release the organizers of the forum, submitted to "the Tape.ru".

    In a specialized center NTTS FGC UES heads of departments on labor protection of industrial enterprises with their own eyes can see, how to behave in overalls under the thermal effects of electric arc.

    The principle of operation of the test set-up is that it can create an arc by pre-defined parameters that allows you to confirm the durability of protective kits to damaging factors in specific conditions. The test area consists of a source of the electric arc (pairs of electrodes) and a mannequin dressed in protective clothing. On the dummy there are four temperature sensor, the fixing temperature change of under clothing and enables to determine the level of possible burns. At the same time, the so-called "spark space" from a source arc to the dummy is only 30 centimeters.

    ""Energokontrakt" Russia's largest range of our own proven design of aramid fabrics. Their advantage is that they initially do not support combustion and does not melt. At the time of occurrence of the electric arc aramid fabric part of the thermal energy reflects, and supports, aiming at changing their molecular structures", — said the Deputy Director on General and organizational issues of GK "energokontrakt" Elizabeth Repkina. As a result, the material is compacted, forming a carbon layer which prevents the penetration of thermal energy under clothes.


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