• Electronic devices on flights of several airlines in the United States prohibit

  • US authorities plan to ban passengers bound for the U.S. city flights and some foreign airlines to carry in the cabin of large electronic devices. Reports Reuters citing officials. According to them, is dictated by considerations of anti-terrorist security.

    Officials said that the new rule will apply to about a dozen foreign airlines, performing flights from a number of countries, including the middle East region. Among them will be carriers, based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and other refiners have not followed.

    The ban will apply to devices that are larger than a cell phone. Products such as tablets, laptops and cameras, can be transported only in the Luggage, last check.

    Press Secretary of the Department of homeland security David LAPAN said that the Agency "does not comment on security measures, but will provide updated information when necessary".

    In July 2014 the Department of homeland security increased the security requirements for flights to the United States, requiring more stringent screening of mobile phones and other electronic devices.


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