• Experts have derived a formula for the ideal hotel

  • The hotels Hotels.com developed the formula for the ideal location. About it reported in a press release, received by "Tape.ru" on Friday, April 21.

    Experts analyzed more than 150 million reviews and comments left by tourists on Hotels.com in 2016. In the end, they found out that the formula for the ideal hotel consists of ten components.

    However, the most important guests are the only three factors. It's clean rooms, friendly staff and bed comfort.

    The other criteria is not so important. These include reasonable, in the opinion of the tourist, the price, the silence in the room, pool, Breakfast included in price, location and free Wi-Fi. Also included is the ability to make a hot drink in the room where the resident lives.

    Wednesday, April 19, was it is known, what Hotels.com have selected the 15 best hotels of Russia, relying on the opinions of millions of travelers.


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