• Experts have questioned the statistics on the growth of revenues in Dagestan and Ingushetia

  • Experts have questioned the validity of the data about growth of incomes of the population in Dagestan and Ingushetia, and in Moscow and Leningrad regions. This was reported in the joint monitoring of the Gaidar Institute, the Academy and foreign trade Academy of the Ministry of economic development, which is in the possession "of the Tape.ru".

    "According to statistics, income of the population in 2016 would grow faster in the Republic of Crimea (nine percent) and Sevastopol (four percent)", — stated in the study.

    In General, the dynamics of income in 2016 was negative — the recession has increased compared to the previous year (minus minus 5.6 and 4.1 percent, respectively). "Because of declining revenues declined at retail, but the rate of decline slowed down twice in comparison with year 2015 (minus 5.2 and minus 10 percent respectively).

    "The mild decline in retail trade were recorded in the far East and North Caucasus. In the Dagestan and Chechnya retail trade grew in the last two years. Most likely, we are talking here about the inaccurate evaluation of the volume of trade in the public markets," write the experts.

    According to the survey of the Ranepa, 40 percent of Russians money enough only for food. The share of Russians who have savings for 2016 reduced a third, from 55 to 40 percent.


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