• The expert appreciated the idea of the government about a major compensation for air passengers

  • The CEO of the service Compensair Roman Gilmanov praised the government's initiative to increase up to 380 thousand the amount of compensation to passengers for delayed flights. About this expert said the correspondent of "Tape.ru" on Thursday, November 3.

    According to the businessman, this news can not but rejoice. "This means that the problem of consumer protection in the domestic air transport market has become so acute that it began to decide, in line with international standards", — said Gilmanov.

    The specialist said that in Compensair that can help you get compensation for delayed flights, regularly receives complaints of travelers flying to Russia. Gilmanov acknowledged that serious legal leverage over the carriers in such a situation there. "The airline is not responsible to passengers for its inefficiency, which, in my opinion, quite weird and wrong," said the entrepreneur.

    Gilmanov believes that this initiative will not cause damage to the carriers. In his opinion, such measures motivate the company to not only improve customer service but also to optimize their workflows.

    Wednesday, 2 November, "Kommersant" reported of the government's plans to introduce a bill on Russia's accession to the Montreal Convention. To do this, the authors of the document, in particular, proposed to increase compensation for flight delays. Now the airlines are obliged to pay 25 roubles for each hour of delay.

    Service Compensair earned in October. For its services, the organization charges a Commission of 25 percent from that obtained from the airline amount.


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