• Expedition from Murmansk will cleanse the Earth of Franz Joseph from debris

  • Icebreaker "Novorossiysk" moved from Murmansk to Franz Joseph, along with special equipment for cleaning of the archipelago from rusty barrels of diesel fuel and other debris. About it reports TASS with reference to the commercial sea port of the city.

    All aboard the icebreaker plunged about 9 tons of cargo a total volume of 71.5 cubic meters. In the expedition involved 28 people. They landed on the ice, landfast ice, and then with the help of special equipment delivered to the archipelago all the necessities of life and to eliminate waste in the Arctic. The participants will continue the work begun earlier in 2013 and 2015.

    Measures for cleaning up the Franz-Joseph from the rusty barrels of diesel fuel and other debris began in 2010, after the archipelago was visited by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the decision was made to eliminate pollution in the Arctic territories.

    In March, the archipelago visited Putin. There he instructed the defense Ministry and the FSB to protect Russia's national interests in the Arctic, as well as to ensure the normal functioning of the Northern sea route.


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