• Two tourists spent the night of Halloween in Dracula's castle

  • Two canadian tourists spent the night of Halloween in the castle of Vlad Dracula in Romania. This publication reports The Toronto Star.

    Tami Varna (Tami Varma) and her brother Robin (Robin) spent the night in the building, located on the border of Transylvania in the North-West of the country. After dinner they lay in the velvet-covered coffins. According to Tami, they were easier than in bed.

    A tourist said that every room in the castle was beautifully and carefully decorated. There was even a torture chamber. The canadian admitted that he felt the presence of evil in this building. "But it's exciting, it's surreal," she added.

    Tami and Robin were able to visit Dracula's castle after he won the hosted service rental housing Airbnb competition. In the framework of this competition it was necessary to tell you that you could say count Dracula upon meeting him.

    Holiday Halloween celebrated on October 31, the eve of all saints Day.


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