• Each Chuck berry told us about his sensational new album

  • New Studio album by Chuck berry released a few weeks after his death. As reports on Sunday, March 19 Associated Press, this was reported by Joe Edwards — friend of the legendary American musician and owner of the Blueberry Hill club in St Louis (Missouri), in which the guitarist performed regularly.

    He confirmed that the album will be called CHUCK ("CHUCK"). Edwards said he had only heard a few songs from it, but I am sure the work will be sensational.

    The release of the album deals with the record label Dualtone Records. The exact release date is not yet named.

    On the edition of the new album artist announced on the day of his 90th birthday on 18 October 2016, noting that long working on it and intends to dedicate it to his wife, toddy (at the time the couple was married 68 years). This is the first solo album berry for almost 40 years previous under the name of Rock It appeared in 1979.

    Chuck Berry died March 18 at his home in Missouri on 91-m to year of life. The cause of death has not yet been announced, the date and procedure of the funeral is also yet to be announced.


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