• Each Assange identified the culprit of the leak of information from the headquarters of the Clinton

  • Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close friend of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Craig Murray said that the latest leaks from the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton is the informant, who is in Washington. He said this in an interview with Sputnik.

    "The source of these letters and the leak has absolutely nothing to do with Russia. I learned the identity of a source when you were in Washington at the presentation of the award named after Sam Adams, which is obtained from informants," said Murray.

    We are talking about tens of thousands of documents, under the General title "letters Podestà". The first part of the materials was published 7 Oct. They address the issues of nuclear energy, as well as donations to Fund Clinton from mining. Also part of the letters on Turkey and its interests in the Syrian conflict and its role in the fight against terrorism.

    The dissemination of these data candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton accused Russia. "The Russian authorities are engaged in espionage against the Americans. They hacked into American sites, accounts of individuals and institutions. Then they gave information to WikiLeaks for publication on the Internet," Clinton said.

    Publication of the dataset was completed on 31 October this year.

    John Podesta heads the election campaign of Clinton from February 2016. Before that for two years he held the post of Advisor to President Barack Obama. In 1993-1995, the Podesta was assistant and Advisor to the former American leader bill Clinton, and then in 1998 was the head of his administration. He is also the head of the research Institute "Center for American progress" (Center for American Progress).

    Australian journalist Julian Assange 2012 hiding in the Embassy of Ecuador in London to avoid extradition to Sweden. In the country he is suspected of rape and sexual harassment. The guilt, the journalist denies. He also fears that after extradition the Swedish authorities in Stockholm extradite him to the US where he could face the death penalty for publishing classified information.


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