• Road, plastic will appear in the Netherlands to 2017

  • By the end of 2017 in the Netherlands could be the first plastic road reports on Friday, November 4, TASS.

    Highway will be collected from the special modules that are able to withstand the same load as the asphalt. Compared to traditional coating, plastic modules have a much lower weight and can be easily transported, and the soil less susceptible to subsidence.

    The design provides for the presence of hollow spaces for the laying of cables and various communications. After the end of the service life, the modules can be recycled and used again.

    "Together with [companies] Wavin and Total we now have enough knowledge, experience and resources to initiate concrete steps for implementation of this project. We expect that the prototype will be ready by the end of 2017," — said the inventors.

    The concept of the road from recycled plastic appeared in 2015. Then a Dutch company proposed to replace the asphalt roads in the United States with plastic.


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