• Revenues of the Moscow Philharmonic from the sale of tickets have doubled

  • Revenues of the Moscow Philharmonic from ticket sales to concerts have doubled over the past few years. On Friday, April 7, said General Director Alexey Shalashov, reports TASS.

    "Over the past few years have increased twice our revenues from ticket sales. Of course, they were given the opportunity to direct 270 million in fees," he said.

    "And Federal groups and soloists of today a whole generation of young musicians has been preserved for Russia precisely because they have a guaranteed income no less than they would have had somewhere in other countries," he added..

    The Director of the Philharmonic said that many musicians who had emigrated began to return to Russia. As an example, he cited the pianist Boris Berezovsky, who has long lived in London and Brussels.

    In January it was reported that Russian Philharmonic prepared for sale in 2017 more than 200 thousand tickets. Last season the Moscow Philharmonic has set an absolute record — in the first night were sold 100 thousand annual tickets.


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