• DNA turned into a computer virus

  • Scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) was first introduced in the DNA information used for computer hacking. This was reported in press release published website MIT Technology Review.

    Scientists coded in a short chain of nucleic acid, consisting of 176 nucleotides, simple computer command. Further, these molecules were placed in the sequencer — a device designed to determine the nucleotide sequence.

    Car kept read DNA as a set of zeros and ones, while there was an effect of buffer overflow is a computer program started to record the portion of data outside allocated memory, which caused it to crash. This, in turn, made it possible to perform arbitrary operations on behalf of the account where the program was launched.

    This way the researchers could control the system and have access to a computer. At the same time, they noted that for hacking they had to disable the feature, ensure the safety of the machine, and add vulnerability to the rarely used bioinformatics program. Therefore, malware based on DNA does not pose much of a threat, scientists say.


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