• Girl with autism will become a regular character on "sesame Street"

  • In the American children's television program "sesame Street" has a new regular character — the girl Julia with autism. A movie with a heroine was shown in the reportage of the TV show 60 Minutes.

    ""Sesame street" hopes to convey the idea about the necessity of inclusion," the authors write. In the video shown at 60 Minutes, reporter Leslie Stahl visited the site, data transmission and meet Julia.

    "We love Julia, she is special for us," he presented the heroine the character Elmo.

    According to the writer of "sesame Street," Christina Ferraro, the creators want that the girl was not "Julia, suffering from autism," and "just Julia".

    The reason for the expansion team the Muppets (the plush monsters that inhabit the universe of "sesame Street"), as the authors claim, was the desire to teach young viewers to the phenomenon of autism, "that children who met the autism in real life, was already familiar with what it is".

    For The First Time Julie appeared as a cameo character in one episode of "sesame Street" in October of 2015. The first episode in which a girl becomes a full member of the team will be out in a few weeks.

    "Sesame street" is aired on screens since 1969. From January 2016 the transmission of broadcasts HBO.


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