• Children's writer happy noticeable Ukrainization of Kiev

  • Ukrainian writer and public figure Larisa Nicoll said in Kiev there had been a marked process of Ukrainization. On Wednesday, may 17, it was announced on his page in Facebook.

    The writer shared his impressions from communicating with the waiter places where last year it served in Russian. According to Nicoll, after the ultimatum that she gave the administration, the entire network of restaurants "spoke" in the state language. Public figure noted that in surprise asked her to pinch.

    "Left a double tip. Wrote thanks. Kiev is slowly changing. Once there will be a Ukrainian Ukraine," — said Nicoll.

    16 APR Nicoll troubled social networking is the use of Ukrainians of the Russian word "cake". She noted that she had never heard of the word, only seen it in the dictionaries. "This year in Kiev, invasion of the cakes. Where it came from, no idea. Maybe the language is progressing schizophrenia?" — said the writer.

    In December 2016 it staged the scandal due to the fact that the lady in the supermarket spoke to her in Russian and not in Ukrainian. For this writer threw it to the cashier the change she was given as change.

    Larissa Nicoll — Ukrainian children's writer and storyteller, author of "Zaichikova happiness", "Yarik vecelka" and "Scared, Strahovski". Known for his Russophobic stance.


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