• Depardieu is interested in buying the winery in the Crimea

  • French actor Gerard Depardieu is planning to visit Crimea in order to discuss the purchase of the winery on the Peninsula. This was announced by the co-Chairman of "Business Russia" Andrei Nazarov, reports Rambler News Service.

    "Depardieu is planning a trip to Crimea to discuss the issue," he said. According to Nazarov, is currently discussed specific dates of the visit, planned for summer 2017. "During this visit it is planned to discuss his investment in the wineries of the Crimea", — he added.

    In April 2016 the company "Legend of Crimea" gave Depardieu certificate for 10 vines of the vineyards of the varieties "Pinot Noir" and "Viognier". Actor at the presentation of the Yalta international economic forum during the wine tasting noted that the level of the Crimean wines have increased since then, as he was on the Peninsula last time 10 years ago.

    Depardieu in 2013, received a Russian passport. Currently, it implements several projects in Russia. In particular, in August 2016, the actor opened in Saransk the new cinema "Russia" and the cultural center that bears his name.

    Russian citizenship was also granted to a number of athletes and cultural figures, including actor Steven Seagal, American boxer Roy Jones Jr., skater Viktor Anu, mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson.


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