• Member of the IOC refused to recognize the "purity" of Russian athletes

  • Former President of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Richard pound refused to recognize the "purity" of Russian athletes. The words pound cites "Sport-Express".

    According to the functionary, WADA agreed with the decision of the International fencing Federation, acquitted of all Russians mentioned in the report of McLaren, not because of their innocence. "WADA agreed with this decision, because we have not enough evidence to determine the guilt of the athletes. That is not because the athletes are "clean", but because we can't prove a negative," said pound.

    According to the Creator of WADA, the Agency did not consider it appropriate to invest a lot of time and money investigating cases that it may not be able to win in court.

    WADA, an independent Commission under the leadership of Richard McLaren from July to December 2016, issued a report in several parts about the problems of doping in Russian sports. Mostly it was about the existence of the country the state program of support doping, but also about the systematic use of illicit drugs by some Russian athletes. After the published report, the number of Russian athletes were suspended from participation in international competitions.


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