• Four British athletes illegally went for a beer from Finland to Russia

  • Four British athletes participating in competitions in orienteering in Finland, illegally crossed the Russian border to drink beer. On Monday, June 19, according to broadcaster Yle.

    The incident occurred after the tournament in the village of Joensuu. Men left the car near the border and crossed it on foot.

    According to the senior investigator of Department on struggle against violations of the border service of Finland Timo Hakkinen (Timo Häkkinen), in the Russian territory they stayed for about 15 minutes, having at that time to drink a few Beers. On the way back the men were detained by the Finnish border guard.

    Violators were allowed to go to the UK. The incident will be considered in Finland, the local Prosecutor's office. Usually for this kind of violation is issued a fine. The border guards noted that in the case of detention on the Russian side, the British were not able so easy to escape: they would put into custody.

    In April, the Ukrainian border guards detained a resident of Hungary who illegally flew into the country by parachute. The man said he did not plan to violate the state border, and it happened accidentally due to a strong gust of wind.


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