• Cheboksari dismembered companion for reproach in poor play the accordion

  • In Cheboksary detained a pensioner suspected of murdering a drinking companion. On Monday, October 31 reports regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

    Parts of the dismembered body was discovered in a dumpster one of the villages within the boundaries of Cheboksary in the afternoon of 28 October. In this regard, a criminal case under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code ("Murder").

    Criminologists have identified both the victim and the suspect. It turned out that this two pensioners, 63 and 66. Intruder found in a private house in the village Urakawa. During the arrest the man for several hours held off police with a pitchfork, but the guards managed to bring him in for questioning.

    The house was discovered to be blood stained shirt of the attacker, as well as documents and the victim's phone hidden in the hayloft.

    According to the detainee, the murder happened on October 24 after the joint drinking in a rented apartment. The cause of the quarrel was the remark about the poor play the accordion. A fight broke out, during which the musician repeatedly struck a friend with a claw hammer and a sledgehammer. "From the received injuries the victim died at the scene, and the attacker, after drinking some Valerian and went to bed", — told in Department.

    On the night of October 27, the attacker dismembered the victim's body and partially carried on the trash Packed in the case from under the accordion. Another part of the remains left home, as a man, according to him, tired.

    The suspect was arrested. Are examination, including medical, dactyloscopic, trasological, genetic, medical and forensic. In addition, the investigation will be checked the sanity of the suspect. The criminal investigation is ongoing.


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