• Former member of the Swans declared participation in elections of the Governor of Texas and swore

  • Musician Thor Harris, who from 2006 to 2016 was a full-time percussionist for the band Swans, has announced plans to nominate his candidacy for the elections of Governor of Texas. The corresponding statement he made on their page Twitter.

    Harris posted a video in which he, standing on the background of the rainbow flag, announcing the desire to go on elections of the head of the state: "Hello, my name is Thor Harris, and I'm running for election for Governor of Texas, because fuck it!" (Howdy, my name''s Thor Harris, and I'm running for governor of Texas, ’cause fuck this).

    On the issue of the music publication Pitchfork about serious political plans of Harris, the percussionist said, "why the fuck not?" (Why the fuck not?) In February, Thor Harris and I have been in the news because of his publications on Twitter — then the social network has temporarily blocked the profile of the artist after the publication of a comic video about how to beat the Nazis.

    Elections of the Governor of Texas, November 6, 2018. The decision to nominate my candidacy have already declared acting head of state Greg Abbott.

    Thor Harris, a 52-year - old rock and folk-rock musician from Austin, Texas. In addition to participating in Swans, he is known for joint performances and recordings with such ensembles and artists as Shearwater, bill Callahan, The Angels of Light, Lisa Germano, Gretchen Phillips, Devendra Banhart Grand Theft Orchestra and Amanda Palmer. He is also the frontman of Thor and Friends.


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