• The former coach called the women's national team of Russia on biathlon parody

  • Former senior trainer of man's Russian national team on biathlon Vladimir Alikin has criticized the result the Russians last season. His words are quoted Sportbox.ru.

    "Two or three minutes, lose feet, it is not the result of the national team. Definitely need to change the coaching staff. Cheat, that it should be working under loads, the peak should be at the Olympics. I would the women's team broke up just. It is a utopia, a parody of the biathlon. School destroyed this," said Alikin.

    Biathlon season ended March 19 men's and women's mass starts in the world Cup in Norwegian Holmenkollen. Russian athletes not on the podium in any of the races of the final stage.

    The best of Russian biathletes at the end of season-2016/17 was Tatiana Akimova, who finished in 16th place in the overall world Cup standings. Akimova won gold in the sprint and bronze in the pursuit race at the third stage of the world Cup in the Czech Nove mesto.


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