• The British collector was convicted of killing butterflies

  • British collector Philip Cullen (Phillip Cullen) was found guilty of committing six crimes against the rare butterfly species phengaris Arion. On Friday, March 17, reports BBC News.

    Bitolski the court held that Cullen was catching insects in Somerset and Gloucestershire, killing them and placed in trays. The investigation relied on the testimony of witnesses. They said that they saw a man chasing with a net for insects in June and July 2015. He 57-year-old man claims to have bought the collector's items abroad.

    As noted, this is the first such prosecution. What will be punished Callen, is not specified.

    In the UK there are 59 butterfly species, 25 of them are under state protection. Six, including phengaris Arion, particularly protected: they cannot be destroyed, include in the collection and to sell.

    In 2015, the American ornithologist Christopher Filardi found in the forests of the Solomon Islands instance mustache of Alcyone, which was considered extinct. It killed bird to study its anatomy and the collection of the Museum of natural history USA in new York.

    Phengaris Arion (Phengaris arion) is found in Eurasia. An integral part of its development cycle are ants: larvae live in and feed on the ant larvae. In 1979, due to the reduction of ant population of Blues in the UK extinct. Butterflies for recovery of the livestock was brought from Sweden a year later, however, the species still occurs in isolated instances.


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