• The British military will strengthen the security of an aircraft carrier after landing on the deck of the drone

  • The UK Ministry of defence intends to revise the approach to security measures after the incident with the drone, sitting on the deck of the new aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" and made pictures of him. On Saturday, August 12, reports BBC News.

    The aircraft was controlled by one of the band members of Black Isle Images. He asked journalists not to specify its name. According to him, the aircraft carrier was photographed and filmed from the moment he docked in the port of Invergordon (Scotland). When the sea rose a strong wind, the drone program, equipped with special sensors to prevent the crash, decided to land on the deck. The man said he was surprised by the ease with which it was done. According to him, no one has got in touch even after he left the protection of the shipyards in their position.

    One of the pictures of the aircraft carrier taken with a drone, was published on the Black Isle in the Images Facebook.

    The defense Ministry said that very serious about the incident and gave information about the incident to Scottish police.

    Black Isle Images — online community dedicated to photographs taken in the Scottish highlands Black Isle. Pour shots of everyone.


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