• British Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 91st birthday

  • British Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 91st birthday. On Friday, April 21, according to BBC News.

    In honor of the birthday of the monarch in London's Hyde Park, the tower of London and in Windsor Great Park near Windsor castle on the border between the counties of Berkshire and Surrey, the cannon thundered a salute.

    Buckingham Palace has published Twitter the photo of the baptism of the future Queen. In the picture, taken in 1926, it is holding his mother, the Duchess of York Elizabeth.

    The residence of the Prince of Wales illustrated greetings frame, made in 1952. It Elizabeth four years removed from Prince Charles.

    According to tradition, the official celebration of the Queen's birthday suit on the second Saturday of June. This year it will be delayed by one week and will take place on 17 June. In front of Buckingham Palace will be a parade, which will include mounted officers and military bands.

    Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born 21st April 1926 and ascended the throne in 1953. She stays on the throne longer than any living monarchs around the world. In addition, she managed to beat the record for longest reign in the UK, supplied by Queen Victoria.


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