• The British assembled a collection of the most idiotic provincial news

  • A resident of the UK has created a Twitter account under the name @CrapLocalNews ("Stupid provincial news"), which collects all the most ridiculous headlines from local British Newspapers and online publications. This drew the attention of Mashable.

    33-summer Nikki Poole (Nicky Poole) have noticed that outside of London the journalists not to limit themselves only to politics and Economics, they are constantly experimenting with formats and make news out of anything.

    For example, the regional reporters can devote a whole page in the newspaper comic picture of a cow or to produce material about the cat, which irritates the employees of the supermarket.

    Poole argued with colleagues who will gain the most followers on Twitter from scratch and for this have created the account @CrapLocalNews. In her opinion, ridiculous headlines and articles in a provincial British media more than enough, and users of social networks attracts such content.

    "Before my mom cut out of Newspapers, funny stories and put them on the fridge. Her favorite was the materials with the headline "woman attacked the Raven" and "the bus Driver stopped for fries", — said the girl edition.

    Title: "I tried for two years to send emails using the box of dog excrement"

    Currently on the account @CrapLocalNews signed by almost 17 thousand users.


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