• The British assembled a collection of the most idiotic provincial news

  • A resident of the UK has created a Twitter account under the name @CrapLocalNews ("Stupid provincial news"), which collects all the most ridiculous headlines from local British Newspapers and online publications. This drew the attention of Mashable.

    33-summer Nikki Poole (Nicky Poole) have noticed that outside of London the journalists not to limit themselves only to politics and Economics, they are constantly experimenting with formats and make news out of anything.

    For example, the regional reporters can devote a whole page in the newspaper comic picture of a cow or to produce material about the cat, which irritates the employees of the supermarket.

    Poole argued with colleagues who will gain the most followers on Twitter from scratch and for this have created the account @CrapLocalNews. In her opinion, ridiculous headlines and articles in a provincial British media more than enough, and users of social networks attracts such content.

    "Before my mom cut out of Newspapers, funny stories and put them on the fridge. Her favorite was the materials with the headline "woman attacked the Raven" and "the bus Driver stopped for fries", — said the girl edition.

    Title: "I tried for two years to send emails using the box of dog excrement"

    Currently on the account @CrapLocalNews signed by almost 17 thousand users.


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    • Img
    • 3:14 pm on Tuesday 27th June 2017  /  Интернет и СМИ
      "Rosneft" declared a powerful attack on your server

      The servers of the company "Rosneft" has undergone a powerful attack. This was reported in the Twitter account of "Rosneft". The company said that they hope that the attack "has nothing to do with the current judicial procedures."

    • Img
    • 1:34 pm on Tuesday 27th June 2017  /  Интернет и СМИ
      The Creator of the "dead" frog Pepe asked for help with his resurrection

      The Creator of the frog Pepe Matt Fourier transform (Matt Furie), "buried" created your character, began collecting donations for its resurrection. Information about the campaign posted on Kickstarter. In the description it States that the artist intends to release a new comic book with a real frog.

    • Img
    • 12:44 pm on Tuesday 27th June 2017  /  Интернет и СМИ
      Diana Shurygina was invited to do a Buryat BDSM drama

      The creators of the film for adults "Buryat stallion" negotiating with who became famous after the rape the resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina about her participation in the filming of the continuation pattern. This was stated by the leading actor Michael Apalkov. Date of release of the first part are not yet known.

More Global News:

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    • 3:17 pm on Tuesday 27th June 2017  /  Россия
      Reclamation project "Kuchino" promised to prepare for the week

      Administration of Moscow region intends to develop a timetable for remediation of municipal solid waste (MSW) "Kuchino", closed by order of President Vladimir Putin, next week. This was announced by Minister of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region Alexander Kogan June 27.

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    • 3:10 pm on Tuesday 27th June 2017  /  Бывший СССР
      The media found the connection between the blown in Kiev Colonel and killed by Voronenkova

      A member of the Ukrainian intelligence service and direct subordinate of Colonel Maksym Shapoval, who was killed in a car bombing in Kiev, supervised the security of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov. About the Agency UNN said a source in the defense Ministry of Ukraine. A car with Shapoval blew up on Tuesday morning.

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    • 3:09 pm on Tuesday 27th June 2017  /  Силовые структуры
      Rostovchanina arrested for stealing excavator in Moscow for the trip to the subway

      Metropolitan police officers have detained in the Rostov region, 26-year-old suspected of stealing a digger worth 1.5 million rubles, which was accomplished with the construction of the base in Moscow. The investigation established that the detainee worked for this database. The excavator, the police found and returned to the owner.

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