• The bot won the first professional player in Dota 2

  • Non-profit research organization OpenAI introduced artificial intelligence (AI), which was able to defeat a professional player of team Natus Vincere Dota 2 Daniil Dendi Ishutin. A show match between a human and a bot took part in The International tournament in 2017. Development information was published on the website OpenAI. About the success of the company also said one of its investors Elon Musk.

    The match was played according to the rules "one on one" on the characters Shadow Fiend with some restrictions. In the end Dendi lost to the bot with the score 2:0. In this study, according to the creators, it was quite simple and took two weeks. In the future, developers plan to teach the AI to play standard five-on-five matches.

    Dota 2 — a computer game in the genre of MOBA, which combines elements of real time strategy and role-playing computer games. Every character in the game a unique set of abilities that can be improved.


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