• Most of the tourists from Russia have declared readiness to refuse from trips to USA

  • More than half of the Russian travelers are willing to refuse to visit in the United States in the case of tightening the rules of entry into the country. About it reported in a press release. Kayak.ru submitted to "the Tape.ru" on Friday, April 21.

    The company's experts came to this conclusion after interviewing thousands of Russians. In the result, 61 percent of respondents said that not going to USA, if they would be required to provide passwords from accounts in social networks for obtaining a visa.

    Such a policy violates the inviolability of private life, suggested by 66 percent of respondents. In addition, 46 percent of Russians are afraid that outsiders will be able to manage their account in social networks, if they call password. We also found out that 15 percent of respondents will not answer questions about his political views, and disclose other information about his personal life for a visa.

    Only 15 percent of respondents expressed willingness to transfer the required information to the U.S. diplomats, including passwords. Almost as many (13 percent) do not refuse to travel to the States, even with a possible tightening of the rules of attendance.

    In Kayak.ru he added that the results are similar to the results of the Russian survey has been obtained in several other countries. Experts have suggested that the U.S. immigration policy threatens to lead to a drop in tourist arrivals to America.

    In February the Minister of internal security of the United States John Kelly did not rule out that the American Embassy can start to require from foreigners applying for visa, provide the passwords from accounts in social networks. The official explained the measures with the safety requirements.


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