• Combat training of Russian pilots changed based on the experience in Syria

  • Combat training of pilots in the Air-space forces of Russia were amended in the light of experience gained in Syria. This TV channel "Zvezda" said the commander of the VKS Viktor Bondarev. The text of the interview published on Saturday, August 12, the Day of the aerospace defence forces.

    "For two years we passed through the Syrian Arab Republic of all personnel strike aircraft, military aircraft, and some pilots have been there twice. Of course, there is a huge combat experience, we make changes in military training, in the training of cadets," said Colonel-General.

    According to him, there are new ways of attacking ground targets. "Of course, it is an experience we cherish and will apply in the future," he said.

    11 August in an interview to channel "Russia 24" Bondarev said that the Russian aviation reached in Syria excellent results. However, he added that the Syrian campaign revealed both positive and negative sides of aircraft, which were analyzed.

    "From the Russian space forces did not suffer any civilians, we only destroy the bandits of ISIS," said the chief.

    Russia in 2015 is waging in Syria a campaign against militants of the banned terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG


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