• Business has spoken out against changes of the law on trade

  • Permanent adjustment of the Russian legislation in the sphere of trade creates uncomfortable conditions for business. Companies every time you have to spend a huge amount of paper work, adjusting to changing rules of the game, which is unacceptable. In an interview with "Vedomosti" said the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of GC "Damate" and "Rusmolco" Naum Babayev.

    "We any law suits. Let have the opportunity to work with these laws, give a year or two to see how it works," the businessman said, answering the question, whether it suits the trade law.

    According to Babayev, the company is not satisfied with the constant changes of the law on trade. "What we categorically do not like is the constant changes: initiatives to prohibit the work networks first night, then day, then in the afternoon," — said the businessman..

    "It is impossible every year to constantly change. I have five people work in only one division that specifically deals with collecting all sorts of documents. Sometimes I think that we are not the Turkey grow, and paper boxes ammunition", — he said.

    Another controversial initiative is the restriction of trade margins. Director of development Association of manufacturers and suppliers of food products "Rusprodsoyuz" Dmitry Vostrikov has previously admitted that it
    alarming approach. "You must understand that then the business will cease to be a business. Suffice it to recall the initial version of the amendments to the law on trade, which was limited to 50 percent of profitability for the entire manufacturing and distribution chain", — he told the publication Milknews .

    This involved limiting the yield of raw materials from "field to fork", which in different regions have different costs, not to mention the price. Understanding Vostrikova, we are talking about returning to the "socialist distribution system, using state planning.

    About the need to limit large chain stores at night at the end of March 2017 said first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy Sergei Lisovsky. In his opinion, retailers should not work around the clock and on Sundays, as this leads to "monopolistic dominance" of the Federal trade networks in major cities.

    Against made and the government. "If people are comfortable that the store has been open around the clock — better to have it opened around the clock. To adjust, I think it's not necessary," — said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.


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