• Bill Murray twice went to the musical "Groundhog Day" and promised to go back

  • American actor bill Murray twice visited the musical "Groundhog Day", set at the eponymous film with him in main role. On Thursday, August 10, the journalist reports Sopan deb in Twitter.

    "THIS is NO JOKE: bill Murray went to the musical "Groundhog Day" again [Wednesday night]," wrote he.

    Prior to this, the actor has already watched the show, which takes place in the Broadway theater August Wilson Theater on Tuesday.

    As deb notes, there is a rumor that Murray promised the creators to visit the setting again. "What if tomorrow he lead Andie MacDowell?" — joke journalist Erin McCann.

    Murray and McDowell played in "Groundhog Day" in 1993 starring. In the story, Murray's character falls in love with the heroine McDowell, but things are progressing with difficulty, because he is every time he wakes up, repeat the events of the previous day.


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