• Illiterate Indian mathematics were astronomers

  • Petroglyph carved into the rock in Chaco Canyon Anasazi Indians who possessed the mathematical abilities, but had no written language, depicts a total solar Eclipse. To such conclusion scientists of the University of Colorado in boulder, USA, studied drawing and estimating solar activity thousands of years ago. Press release research published on the website EurekAlert!.

    The symbol is a circle, which is like the outer layer of the solar atmosphere (the corona) with arches and loops. While one of the structures similar to the coronal mass ejection which occurs at high solar activity. To the naked eye, these phenomena are only visible during a total solar Eclipse.

    The closure of the Sun by the Moon occurred over the region inhabited by the Anasazi Indians, July 11, 1097. However, given the 11-year cycle, the Sun at this time was largely peaceful and the ejection of matter during the Eclipse was an unlikely event.

    The researchers analyzed the content of isotopes of carbon-14 in the annual rings of long-lived trees. The radiocarbon formed in the atmosphere in the bombardment of the isotope of nitrogen with cosmic rays. The increase in solar activity interfere with cosmic rays, which reduces the rate of formation of carbon-14 and reduces its concentration in tree rings.

    The researchers also studied records of ancient Chinese astronomers who observed the solar spots. The increase coincides with the recent turbulent phase of the day light. In addition, specialists have proved to be historical data about the auroras collected Northern Europeans.

    It turned out that in 1097 the Sun was really active. These results indicated that the petroglyphs are images of a total solar Eclipse. The presence of other images symbolizing the winter solstice, suggests that the Anasazi held a primitive astronomical observations.

    In January 2017 the Researchers from the University of Arizona published an article in which he showed that the Anasazi Indians related to the ancient Pueblo lived almost a thousand years ago, had extraordinary mathematical abilities. Their knowledge they used to create sophisticated architectural systems.


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