• Belarusian goalkeeper decided to sell the shoes because of the financial problems of the club

  • The goalkeeper of the Belarusian football club "Naftan" Igor Dovgyallo put up for sale their shoes, to draw attention to the financial problems of the team. On Friday, November 4, said the athlete, his words leads TASS.

    To buy cleats goalie is a 50 Belarusian rubles (1669 rubles). "Money, of course, does not hurt, but most of this was done in order to drew attention to the financial problems of the club," said dowgiallo.

    "Naftan" for three rounds before the end championship of Belarus is in the table in 14th place. The team was experiencing financial problems for a long time. In the summer the club was left by head coach Valery Stripeikis.

    Dowgiallo stands for "Naftan" in 2012.


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