• Avtogonki extorted money under the guise of repairing the broken in the accident luxury watches

  • In Moscow detained participants of criminal group suspected of organization of the bogus accident. On Wednesday, may 17, reported the press service of the Metropolitan police.

    Law enforcement agencies began to address the drivers that are talked about is unknown, simulate hitting a pedestrian and then extort large sums of money.

    The police found that the scammers were Parking the car near a pedestrian crossing, thereby blocking the drivers visibility. After a signal, one of the criminals thrown into the side of a passing car, a solid object which imitated the sound of hitting a pedestrian. After stopping the car gepaticeski complained of unbearable pain in his left hand, showing the broken wrist watch luxury brands.

    Then he introduced himself as a senior official and threatening the driver of the car, demanded to pay for repairs of expensive watches, supposedly broken at the time of impact. Perp simulated a call to the salon for luxury watches, described the damage and after a fictitious conversation announced that the repair will cost 300 thousand rubles. Then, citing a heavy workload at work, "official" was gone from the scene, where he remained for his pseudomonic. He was accompanied by the victims for money.

    In a course quickly-investigation actions employees of Moscow criminal investigation Department it was detained four suspects. Two of them natives of the Arkhangelsk region, the other two are natives of a foreign state.

    When conducting a personal search of the suspects seized 180 thousand, more than five thousand dollars. Also they found a broken wristwatch, which turned out to be fake, and fake the identity of a law enforcement officer with a photo of one of the detainees.

    During searches in a residence of suspects seized mobile phones, Bank cards, personal records, evidence of illegal activity of detainees.

    A criminal case under article 159 of the criminal code ("Fraud").


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